First-class establishment`s first choice all over the world is Solnhofen. Solnhofen Natural Stone is appreciated in city-apartments, country-houses and/or new buildings, as well as pool areas, terraces and court yards. Simply anywhere someone values a cozy home as a certain philosophie. The prime-fact appointing this stone sought after and rare is furthermore its sole source in the world namely: the South-German countryside Solnhofen.

Characteristic on the Solnhofen Natural Stone is the harmonic variation of its colors and patterns, thus awarding it with charisma. This makes it unique.

 Easy to guess now why more and more architects and clients of private and public estates are selecting Solnhofen Limestone.

With 150 Million years, German Limestone is the oldest and most exclusive of the world and is used now for 2000 years. According to test reports, German Limestone has the following characteristics:

Solnhofener is the hardest Limestone with the highest density of 97% CaCo³. Non-fading and sunfast; non-skid, non-slip surface on natural and lightly polished tiles; excellent flooring material in bathrooms and wet areas; abrasion-proof, hard-wearing. Simple and cheap to maintain. A tried and tested, solid and exclusive natural product; eco-friendly, biological building material.